Don't Watch These Movies With Your Parents

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Watching movies with your parents can be a real treat. For example, you get to explain the plot to them over and over in a quiet movie theatre. And you get to experience the eternity it takes for them to consume a small popcorn. A fair warning to all family night movie-goers though: Choose your film wisely, or else the sound of them popping the tab on a canned soda Dad brought in his fanny pack won't be the only thing making you facepalm. And if you thought you were safe at home, you're wrong. Here's a list of titles to avoid unless you were a huge fan of that birds-and-bees talk from sixth grade.

Basic Instinct | 0:31
Showgirls | 1:16
Boogie Nights | 1:57
Gone Girl | 2:40
Porky's | 3:18
Antichrist | 4:07

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