7 New Games Arriving In December 2018

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December is here already! Games continue to drop and beg for your attention. The real heavy hitters that want your valuable playtime are here but there’s a few hidden gems we’ll showcase here too… here’s 7 games releasing in December 2018

1. Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds – PS4 – December 7th
2. Just Cause 4 – PS4, Xbox One, PC – December 4th
3. Mutant Year Zero: Road To Eden – PS4 and Xbox One – December 4th
4. Borderlands 2 VR – PSVR – December 14th
5. Override: Mech City Brawl – PS4, Xbox One, PC – December 4th
6. Assassin’s Creed Odessey DLC - Legacy of the First Blade – PS4, PC, Xbox One
7. Fortnite Season 7! Available on everything… your toaster probably has it installed.

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